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Ownership and Mapping

1. Ownership, Mapping, and GIS

1.1. What are the requirements for platting property?

If the property is in city limits, then the property owner needs to contact the city’s Planning department for requirements for platting. If the property is outside city limits, the owner will need to contact the Denton County Public Works department. They can be reached at 940-349-2990

1.2. I own multiple properties, can they be combined into one tax record, or does it require a plat or re-plat?

For taxing purposes only, properties can be merged without the need for platting if requirements are met, i.e. same ownership, contiguous properties, like legal descriptions. It is stressed that if any improvement is done to the property it could likely be that at that point the City or County could require a plat to be filed by the property owner.

1.3. What is the platting process? Is there a cost involved?

The first step is to check with the taxing entity in which the property is located to verify if a plat is necessary. If so, the next step is to contact a surveyor. Once the plat is completed by the surveyor, the plat must be approved by the taxing entity authority. The total cost of the plat can vary depending on surveyor and the taxing entity requirements.

1.4. What is the time frame for the platting, re-plat process to be completed and reflected with the appraisal district?

Once a surveyor has completed their work and provided the owner a new survey, the plat must approved by the proper taxing entities. After approved, the plat is recorded with the Denton County Clerk’s office, which is then made available to the appraisal district and public records. Once available, the taxing records are typically updated within 1-2 weeks after filing.

1.5. Why is my property identified as an Undivided Interest account?

If an application requesting the property to be established as an undivided interest was not recorded with the appraisal district by the property owner, it was created at the request of the appraisal district Customer Service department due to exemption purposes. Customer Service can be contacted through our Helpdesk for questions regarding Undivided Interest accounts.

1.6. Are plats available online?

Yes. Plats are available online through the Plat Search. Copies are also available through the Denton County Clerk’s office at: https://dentoncounty.com/Departments/County-Clerk.aspx

1.7. Does the appraisal district have a copy of the survey I received at closing when I purchased my property?

Most of the time the answer is no. These surveys are not recorded with the County offices. There are a few occasions where we have the survey due to a prior owner providing the survey. We only have access to plats recorded at the Clerk’s office. It is highly suggested that the property owner contact the title company to find out if a copy is still available through their office. If that is not an option, a surveyor will need to be contacted by the owner to create a new survey.

1.8. Where can I find the parent accounts for a property?

A Split/Merge section is available on our website in the Property Details section. If the parent account has been deleted, information on the parent account can still be accessed through the Property Search by using the option to Include Inactive Accounts.