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4.3. What are the various types of value on the notice?

Structure & Improvement Market Value

This is the appraised value of the structures on your property. A structure is a house, a porch, a storage building, etc.

Market Value of Non AG/Timber Land

The market value of the land that does not qualify for an agricultural productivity valuation.

Market value of Ag/Timber Land

The market value of land approved for agricultural productivity valuation.

Productivity value of Ag/Timber Land

The value based on the land’s capacity to produce.

Market value of Personal Property/Minerals

The market value of business personal property that is used for the production of income. Machinery and office equipment fall into this category. Mineral value is the value derived by surface mining or real property interest in oil or gas.

Total Market Value

The value obtained by adding up the categories of value applied to your property. Most properties will just have value in one or two categories, but some properties may have value in all of them.

Productivity Value  of Ag/Timber Land

The value based on the land's capacity to produce. This value is included in the taxable value. 

Assessed Value

For residential property, assessed value is your appraised value minus the homestead cap. You can read more about the homestead cap in the exemptions section of our help section. 

Taxable Value

Taxable value is the value you pay taxes on. This value is your assessed value minus any exemptions applied to your property. 

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