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1.2. I filed my protest. Now what?

If you’ve filed your protest prior to the deadline, you’ve met your obligations at this time. If you’ve filed online, you’ll either receive a settlement offer online or notification that you’ve been scheduled for a hearing with the Appraisal Review Board. Please note that it may take several weeks before you hear anything. 

We have an automated algorithm that reviews cases online and if your property matches certain criteria, that system will make a settlement offer online. Automated offers often arrive quickly, but sometimes that system will also take a while to review things. Please be patient. 

Appraisers will also review cases online and make offers as well. 

You are always welcome to come speak with an appraiser. We do recommend that you come to the office at least a day prior to your hearing date as we can not guarantee the availability of an appraiser on the day of your hearing.  

The appraisers work diligently to review all the online protests

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