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3.2. What type of hearings are available?

Several hearing types are available.

In person - Please arrive at or before your scheduled time. You will check in at the front and be seen by the ARB when they are available. Uploading any electronic evidence you have at https://www.dentoncad.com/evidence or through the online appeals website (https://appeals.dentoncad.com) will expedite the process. Any evidence presented to the ARB will need to be kept as part of the property’s permanent record, so please do not bring in photos on your phone or tablet. Upload those before arriving at the office.

Telephone conference call - Please provide your phone number on the protest form. You will need to submit any evidence with a written affidavit mailed or delivered to the ARB before the hearing begins. You will need to call the number provided in the letter at the scheduled time to be placed in line. Once the ARB is available for your hearing, they will call you to begin the hearing. The written affidavit will allow the ARB to proceed with your case in case the call is disconnected or can’t be completed.

A written affidavit - This option will allow you not to be present for the hearing. A written affidavit will need to be submitted prior to the hearing along with any evidence you would like to be presented. The affidavit will be read to the board with any evidence submitted. You can find the affidavit form on our website: https://www.dentoncad.com/forms-and-downloads#search=Affidavit

If you filed a protest through E-File you will receive an email with information on how to view your hearing date and time on the E-File website. ARB hearing dates and times are also posted on the detail page of your property on our website. If you filed the protest through any means other than E-File you will be mailed a letter with information on the hearing date and time.

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