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1.7. Can I have more than one reason for my protest?


Here’s further information about the various reasons available for a protest:

Incorrect appraised (market) value: An available option if you believe the total market value is incorrect. The total market value is derived from sales that are similar to your property located in your neighborhood or close by.

Value is unequal compared with other properties: A possible protest option if you consider the total market value of your property is not equal to similar properties in your neighborhood, taking into account property condition, quality, and location.

Property is not located in this appraisal district: If you feel the property is not located within the boundaries of Denton County, this reason is available.

Exemption was denied, modified, or cancelled: An available option if you feel you did not get the correct exemptions.

Failure to send required notice: Failure to receive the notice of appraised value or notice of a denial of an exemption or ag productivity value could prompt the usage of this protest reason.

Property should not be taxed in: Use this option if you believe your property is not within the jurisdiction of a particular taxing entity. You will need to provide the name of the entity in question.

Ag-use, open space or other special appraisal was denied, modified, or cancelled: This option is available if you believe a special appraisal was not applied properly to the property.

Change of use of land appraised as ag-use, open space, or timberland: An available option if you disagree with a change of use notice that was sent to you for ag rollback taxes.

Property description is incorrect: Property descriptions can be incorrect. Issues with square footage, improvements and the number of bed or baths are typical items considered for this protest reason. Acreage problems are also viable candidates.

Incorrect appraised market value of land under special appraisal for ag-use, open space, or other special appraisal: An available option if you feel there is an incorrect value of the land under special appraisal.

Owner’s name is incorrect: This option is available if the name listed on the property is incorrect. You may also just report this issue through our helpdesk and we’ll do everything we can to get it resolved.

Other: An available option if the protest does not fall under any above.

Please note that not all these options are available through the E-File system at this time.

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